Clinical (Oral/Record Review) / Practical Examination

Clinical (Oral/Record Review) / Practical Examination

The C.B.R.E.T Inc. Spring Examination now consists of both the Clinical (Oral/Record Review/Practical) and Written examination sessions. Only those applicants meeting the requirements for the Clinical examination may attempt both examinations at this time. Please note that the Written examination may be held on a separate day.

Please complete and enclose the following information:

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Please make payment by either Paypal or you may send a CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER payable to C.B.R.E.T., Inc. and return with application to:

C.B.R.E.T. Inc. , Registrar
Susan McGregor, ENP, RET, RT(EMG), DiplT.
Clinical Neurophysiology Dept, Room C1100
Foothills Medical Centre
1403 29th Street, NW
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 2T9

Tel: (403)944-8310
Fax: (403)270-8993


Confirmation of Requirements for Clinical/Practical Examination:

To be eligible to attempt the Clinical / Practical Examination, the candidate shall produce evidence to show all of the following:

1. Proof of training.

2. Personal recordings of at least 500 EEG’s (400 adults plus 100 children 12 years of age or younger, with at least 20 of those children being under the age of 2 years (24 months) or 400 children plus 100 adults 21 years of age or older, with at least 20 of those adults being over the age of 60 years). Logbook must be presented at the examination. Please make sure the information in the Logbook meets the above requirements; IF NOT -YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WRITE THE EXAM

3. A letter of support of the supervisory technologist and/or the chief Electroencephalographer.