Written Exam Eligibility

Written Exam Eligibility

1. Completed the Requirements for a Candidate (refer to Candidate eligibility page)
2. Completed the TRAINING REQUIREMENTS as follows:

Hospital-Based Training Programs:
Candidates must have a period of ONE (1) YEAR (plus or minus two (2) weeks from the exam date) of training in a C.B.R.E.T.,Inc., approved training facility. The candidate must include a letter from their supervising C.B.R.E.T.,Inc. R.E.T.  and supporting letter from the C.S.C.N. certified Electroencephalographer stating that all the requirements of training have been fulfilled.

College-Based Training Programs:
Successful completion of a minimum 2 year C.B.R.E.T.,Inc. approved diploma program in Electrophysiology. Candidates must include a copy of their transcript from the Electrophysiology courses completed and a copy of their diploma or equivalent, which indicates successful completion of the program.


C.B.R.E.T., Inc. does not have reciprocal training arrangements with any other country or any Internet based training sites or distance education programs. Only approved Canadian training sites are acceptable. EEG training received outside Canada may be accepted towards eligibility into the C.B.R.E.T., Inc. Please refer to Foreign Candidates Assessment section for details.


The Written Examination is offered twice per year at a variety of locations across Canada..

Fall Examination Session

The written exam is held on the third Monday of September in eleven (11) cities across Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Moncton, Charlottetown, and St. John’s. The exam is usually held at a University or Hospital in each city and is proctored by a volunteer. Candidates are notified of the exact time and location  of the examinations 3-4 weeks in advance of the exam date.

Spring Examination Session

A second sitting of the written examination is held in conjunction with the Oral examination held in the Spring of each year. The Spring sitting of the Written examination is only offered at the location where the Oral examination is being held, either at a Western or Eastern Site. Applicants must have paid and been accepted as a candidate by July 1 of the previous year.


You must be registered as a C.B.R.E.T., Inc. candidate prior to the exam. Please see the ‘Candidate Eligibility’ page. This time period may be re-evaluated at the discretion of the C.B.R.E.T. Inc Registrar.

Complete a Written Exam application form available in the Written Exam Application section.

Provide proof of educational and training requirements.

Forward the completed written examination application form, proof of education and training requirements, and the exam fee either by cheque or by PayPal to the Registrar before the July 1st deadline.

Joanne Nikkel RET, R(NCT)T
Clinical Neurophysiology Dept
Health Sciences Center
Room GE241A – 820 Sherbrook St., Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9
Ph: (204) 787-5122
Fax: (204) 787-1486


Applicants must be current members of the Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists (CAET Inc). Please contact the CAET Secretary/Treasurer for membership information: www.caet.org


Persons who have received training in Canada must register as a Candidate by November 15 for the following September Written Examination. Persons who wish to take part of all the exams in the spring session must register as a Candidate by July 1 of the preceding year. (this is approximately nine months prior to the desired exam.)

CBRET, Inc. Exam Candidate Fee     $57.50

Registration for the Fall Written Exam session must be completed and received by July 1st of each year.
The registration deadline for the Spring Exam session is January 15th of each year.

Written Examination Fee                    $345.00
Late Application Penalty                     $100.00

Please note there is a late application penalty of $100 for candidates who miss the exam registration deadline. Applications received more than 2 weeks after the deadline will not be accepted.


Full refunds will be issued to candidates who notify the Registrar of their intention to withdraw by the established deadlines. Requests to withdraw must be received by August 15 for the Fall Exam, and March 1 for the Spring Exam. No refunds will be issued after these dates.


The C.B.R.E.T., Inc. Written Examination is a three (3) hour, 170 question multiple choice exam. Each question has only one (1) correct answer. The exam incorporates the 2016 CAET Competency profile (see references).

The Passing Grade is 70 %.  See Sample Exam Questions for a list of the areas covered in each section and sample multiple choice questions.
All candidates are notified of a pass/fail within six (6) weeks of the exam date. Absolute marks are not disclosed but candidates are informed of their strengths and weaknesses in the competencies.

A candidate who fails the written exam may reapply and repeat the exam within two (2) years, by completing a second Written Examination application form and submitting the examination fee prior to the deadline.

In the event a candidate fails the written examination three (3) times:

  1. they must wait a minimum of two (2) years
  2. reapply to become a C.B.R.E.T., Inc. candidate
  3. show proof of further training in EEG. A letter from the candidate’s supervisory technologist is required documenting the additional training received.

In the event a candidate wishes to appeal their exam result, refer to the Exam Appeal Process.