Candidate Eligibility

Candidate Eligibility

All parts of the C.B.R.E.T., Inc. examination is offered in English and French. Candidates must indicate at the time of making application for the examination the language in which they wish to be examined.

Candidate Requirements
All applicants are required to register as a candidate to enter the exam process.

There is a Candidacy Fee of $57.50. Application forms are in the Candidate Application section.

Persons who have received training in Canada must register as a Candidate by November 15 for the following September Written Examination. Persons who wish to take all parts the examinations in the spring session must register as a Candidate by July 1 of the preceding year. (This is approximately ten months prior to the desired exam.)

Foreign applicants must register as a Candidate before their qualifications are reviewed to determine eligibility (proceed to Foreign Credentials Assessment and Application section). If deemed eligible for the exams, the candidacy period will be no less than nine months.

In order to become a candidate, the following Educational requirements must be completed:

Proof of One (1) of the following:

  • Successful completion of a 2 year C.B.R.E.T., Inc certified hospital based Electrophysiology program
  • Diploma in Electrophysiology from a minimum 2 year C.B.R.E.T., Inc certified College or University Electrophysiology program