Frequently Asked Questions About C.B.R.E.T., Inc.

Whether you are a technologist in another medical technology i.e cardiac, MRI etc, or whether you have a phD in neurophysiology or are a physician from another country, you are not able to take the CBRET examinations without fulfilling the CBRET requirements. See the Candidate requirements section

As of 2020 and up to and including 2025, technologists working in Quebec under OTIMROEPMQ credentials will be able to challenge the CBRET examinations once they have demonstrated proof of fulfillment of all CBRET requirements, and have their log books signed off by an OTIMROEPMQ qualified Technologist. After the 2025 AGM the CBRET Board will review and potentially continue this allowance which was introduced in 2020.

If you are deferring for one year, you can request a reimbursement of those funds and pay at the later day prior to the next exam year ensuring that payment is made by the deadline. You may choose to leave the payment as is and your application for the next year’s exams will be considered complete.

You must make your request known when you apply. The written exams for those wanting French will come in an English/French format so you will be supplied with both.

The oral and record review portion may require you to make a definitive choice as French examiners are not always available depending on the number of candidates. If you request “both” you may be placed with English examiners if other candidates have chosen French only and examiners are limited.

  1. BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology: Vancouver, BC. This is the only English program in Canada https://www.bcit.ca
  2. La Cite Collegiale – Ottawa, ON – French Program https://www.collegelacite.ca/
  3. CCNB: Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick – Accueil – French Program https://ccnb.ca

This changes yearly, as intake of students is different for every city/center. Please contact the CBRET registrar for the most current information cbretregistrar@gmail.com

Canadian Board of Registration of Electroencephalograph Technologists